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State of CT Pistol Permit Applications by County and Town

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How To Apply for CT Pistol Permit

  1. You need to complete a state approved basic pistol safety class and obtain a certificate of completion. This class certificate is only good for 2 years, so starting the process quickly after taking the class is essential. 
  2. Pick up a copy of the pistol permit application from your town hall or police station. Many of the town have this available online and there are links to most of the local towns below. If not available online you might need to pick up your town hall or Police Department. You NEED to do it in your town of residency.   
  3. Follow instructions on the application, including all documents and fees.
  4. Usually, your town will have hours to submit applications and schedule fingerprinting services. The detail varies by town but typically information is available in the pistol permit application packet 
  5. Once approved by your local Police Department. You will be able to schedule an appointment with the State Police SLFU for your CT state permit.


Pistol Permit Application Links

* The pistol permit application links offered represent the culmination of our comprehensive understanding of nearby towns, gathered from our continuously evolving knowledge and shared by our customers. If your town isn’t explicitly mentioned, we highly recommend getting in touch with your local town hall or reaching out to the police department for additional information. Your input is invaluable. If there are any overlooked aspects or updates essential to this information, we sincerely urge you to assist us by sharing specific details through our contact page. This will enable us to swiftly integrate these necessary revisions into this page.