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At WTW Arms, we pride ourselves on our exceptional services when it comes to providing an accurate FBI Appendix F Certified ten print and roll live scan fingerprint file. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of precision and reliability in fingerprinting.

We utilize the state-of-the-art Suprema Realscan G10 Scanner, known for its advanced technology and superior performance, to capture and produce the highest quality fingerprint images in the certified mobile market. This cutting-edge scanner ensures that every detail is captured with utmost clarity and accuracy, meeting the stringent standards set by the FBI.

Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of service and confidentiality throughout the fingerprinting process. We understand that privacy and security are paramount, especially when it comes to sensitive information.

Whether you require fingerprinting for background checks, employment purposes, or any other legal or professional requirement, you can trust WTW Arms to deliver results that are accurate, reliable, and meet the necessary standards. We prioritize efficiency and strive to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that your fingerprinting needs are met with utmost professionalism.

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Using specialized software, all fingerprints are scanned and validated for clarity and accuracy, ensuring a minimal chance of rejection when filed with any of your ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) submissions. This advanced technology not only streamlines the process but also significantly reduces the chances of errors or discrepancies, saving you both time and frustration. By employing such cutting-edge solutions, you can confidently submit your EFT (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission) file, knowing that the information is accurate and error-free.

We understand that obtaining the necessary paperwork for firearms-related processes can be complex and time-consuming. Therefore, we strive to simplify the process for you. With the recent ATF final rule 2021R-08F, we are here to assist you in registering your “CT Others” with pistol braces.

To facilitate this registration, we will provide you with an Electronic File Transmission (EFT) fingerprint file. This file can be easily used for both ATF Form 1 and Form 4 submissions via the ATF eForm portal. By utilizing the EFT file, you can seamlessly submit your applications for these forms without the need to create additional fingerprint cards.

Not only does this save you the hassle of dealing with physical paperwork, but it also streamlines the entire process. With the EFT file at your disposal, you can now complete all your current and future NFA submissions effortlessly. The convenience of having this file eliminates the need for repetitive fingerprint card creation, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your firearm-related endeavors.

Rest assured; the EFT fingerprint file provided to you is exclusively yours to keep. It remains a valuable resource for all your NFA submissions, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience moving forward. We believe in simplifying and enhancing your firearms-related journey, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Only $50 per EFT file creation

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RealScan G10 is a highly accurate and incredibly efficient fingerprint live scanner from Suprema Inc. The RealScan G10 is an FBI Appendix F certified live scanner, which is considered to be the most stringent FBI image quality standards. It means that it conforms to the image quality and interoperability standards set by the FBI Appendix F. Adherence to FBI Appendix F image quality requirements ensures that the fingerprint images captured by RealScan G10 live scanner fully support the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI – Formerly IAFIS) system.